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Refelct and Celebrate Roadshow

After successfully collaborating with Ashley Petriepreviously, we were keen to work together again! We wanted to curate and facilitate an event which brought others in our industry together to have a conversation around what the landscape is like at the moment, what people and businesses need and how our industry can address these needs, with a particular focus on workplace wellbeing.

We called on our colleagues Jamie McBrearty and Laura Mason to co-facilitate the event with us, knowing that their skills and expertise would add so much value to the event.

A month ago we delivered our first ever Coaching, Leadership and Beyond Summit Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce. This dual-purpose event was split into two sessions. The morning session brought coaches and training providers from across Tayside together, to discuss and identify what’s happening out there?, what are the challenges and opportunities? and how can we work together?. Some businesses and delegates reported feeling disconnected and isolated from industry and/or society. They said this can sometimes impact negatively on their creativity, productivity, confidence, and motivation levels. This session highlighted a strong need for a professional community. This event was the first step to establishing a professional network for coaches and trainers in Tayside, we look forward to developing this further.

The afternoon session gave businesses an opportunity to experience and participate in 4 coaching and training sessions. These were to demonstrate how implementing regular coaching and training sessions in the workplace assist in establishing, developing, and maintaining a positive workplace culture.

I delivered a mini group coaching workshop titled ‘Solution Circle’.  We began by ‘clearing the space’ which is about clearing our headspace, we wrote down any negative thoughts playing on our mind, or distractions we might have, then threw them in the bin!, this was to allow participants to be present and focus on the task. I asked everyone to identify one thing they would like to achieve either professionally or in their personal life, then we shared our answers and as a group chose one person’s goal to focus on. We worked together to coach the individual. This task required participants to think creatively to identify steps to assist their colleague achieve their desired goal. As a coach, I supported the group through each step of this process. At the end of the workshop the group had created a strategy with key steps to support their colleague achieve her goal. She felt supported, empowered and excited at taking her first steps to achieving her goal. This workshop gave participants the tools, strategies and inspiration to explore professional development whilst allowing them to work as a team which also built rapport.

We live in such a fast-paced society where things are changing all the time, this can leave people feeling anxious or uncertain. This can impact negativity on mindset and workplace wellbeing. Giving people opportunities to gain new skills and grow professionally can make people feel valued, nurtured, acknowledged, heard and above all not just a number.

There is a lot of confusion around what coaching is and stigma surrounding it. Some perceive coaching to be a corrective process which is only used to assist with workplace issues or disciplinary action. Coaching is about helping people reach their full potential by supporting them on their journey by sharing skills and strategies. A few examples of what investing in coaching and training can improve include staff morale, productivity, engagement, staff attendance and staff retention. I coach clients and groups to develop professionally and/or personally. I am passionate about increasing awareness about coaching whilst creating a positive coaching culture. I believe people should be celebrated; they are the best asset to a business. They bring diverse skills, knowledge, and experience.

We captured key information and feedback throughout the day which allowed us to capture the latest industry insights and workplace culture trends. This information has helped shape our next collaborative project….. Leadership and Coaching Roadshow! Our roadshow will help businesses combat some of the key industry issues highlighted at our Coaching, Leadership and Beyond Summit so your team and business can reach their full potential. All 4 us of will be hitting the road to share our skills and expertise with you. We can’t wait! Get in touch if you would like to be one of our roadshow locations!