Community Coaching

Community & Social Enterprise Support

I am passionate about community, in particular my local community, and this shows through in my coaching approach.  The power of bringing people together with a common interest, or to achieve something together, is just something else! I continue to work with and support community organisations, giving back through my corporate responsibility.  

I can offer bespoke, multi-disciplinary coaching programs based on the categories below or any other themes you might find valuable, which can be delivered in person or online.

Team Building

Whether a new group or well established organisation, you will may have a team of paid employees, or you may all be volunteers that keep the cogs turning! All are valued members of your team and its important to nurture and motivate! I can help to facilitate opportunities for groups or teams to learn about themselves, eachother and to also to connect your team with the organisations purpose and values. .

Organisational Culture

We can explore, review or create an empowering and motivational culture where the people within align to the organisation’s purpose, it’s reason for being! Let’s have a chat about how I can help to facilitate a creative, authentic and engaging process, involving your people at every level. We will look at values and how we can authentically integrate these within the organisation and move forward towards this being at the core of everything we do.

Vision and Values

The Vision and values of an organisation should be at the core. They act like the compass, that guide you and keep aligned to your purpose. These also help to give your organisation a uniqueness and set it aside from the others. As we know, funding and sustaining a third sector or community organisation is challenging, so having a culture and a team that are authentically aligned with their vision and values will help to maximise resources and ensure all activities are taking you closer to that vision, as well as having a motivated empowered team! I can tailor a work plan to suit you and your budget.


Often, we get involved with a community group or organisation because we have a passion for the cause and want to make a difference. We may land in a role that needs us to steer the boat, but we might not have had the sailing experience! I will work with you to create a positive leadership style and help you to ward off the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs and offering support with leadership at all levels by offering tools and strategies to help you make your boat stay on course. lls, committee skills, governance

Training Facilitation

Alongside the other topics, I can design and deliver training based on your organisational or group needs. Examples include coaching skills, mentoring, running effective committees, governance etc. however I work with a number of associates in different fields and can create a tailored programme to suit your needs, without having to employ different contractors. o.

Health and Wellbeing

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! If we don’t have our health and wellbeing in a good place then all the other parts of our life will not be operating to their full potential. We also need to ensure that we are looking after our people and have all the right things in place.