About Bev Gibb

Unlock your potential!

I’m Bev, Coach, mum, wife, daughter, dog owner, businesswoman, board member, volunteer, plate spinner extraordinaire.  My entire professional journey I’ve dedicated myself to empowering people, from all walks of life, helping them to discover the confidence to exceed their own expectations and achieve what they had once thought was out of their reach.


I got to a point that I knew I needed a change, but didn’t know what it would look like or even if it was possible. To be honest, I struggled with it for quite a long time before I took the leap. I wore the masks, I was the swan, my wellbeing was suffering and I needed help to work it all out and that’s when I worked with a coach.   Being coached helped me to explore and unlock my potential and here I am! 

I first trained as a coach in 2010 and I am so glad I did.
Bev Gibb


Coaching has been central to my professional journey, both in empowering people within various communities and also as a leader and manager, encouraging personal and professional development, confidence, and initiative within teams.

My personal experience with coaching and adopting a coaching approach to life has transformed my perspective, enabling me to prioritise what truly matters, manage my time more effectively, and embrace new challenges. So much so that it inspired me to become a coach, so I could continue to empower others to do the same.


My coaching offer ranges from Personal Coaching, Business Coaching and Community Coaching, 1:2:1 and Groups.  Although they can be stand alone, they also all complement each other quite nicely!

My client centred approach focuses on the whole person.  Whether you feel you need coaching for work or for personal life they both go hand in hand.

According to a global survey 99% of clients who had experienced coaching reported being satisfied with the results,
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Wages of clients who received coaching increased by 50.9% compared to their income before coaching.
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A study in 2008 found that coaching resulted in a 22.4% increase in productivity in the workplace.
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Safe Hands

I have a broad skillset and that suits my tailored approach.  On top of the many years of hands-on experience, I have many relevant pieces of paper!  A Post Graduate Diploma in Management from CMI, Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice accredited with the AC, Diploma in Coaching accredited to the ICF, Group Coaching Facilitation Certificate from Animas, an SVQ Planning & Delivering Training Certificate.  I also hold level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications which come in handy for the wellbeing side of my coaching! I always have something on the coals! I can also bake a great cake…

Lifelong Learning is important to me and I have consistently evolved and upskilled by taking part in regular CPD, being part of coaching communities and masterminds, as well as being professionally mentored by a fantastic coach. 

All great coaches have great coaches!